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 How to Improve the Effectiveness of Advertising by Wristband?

There are a lot of benefits to ordering promotional wristbands for your advertisement. You might have used it to manage your staff or identify customers in your activities before. While, the most obvious advantage of wristbands with logo is its advertising properties. Making your custom event wristband as the mini billboard, which would show up in people’s lives. When the advertising wristbands were worn by your customers, they have changed into the ideal tools of promoting your company, activity and brand. 
Promoting and advertising their business is the first purpose of the activities in bars & clubs. You may prepare to host a bar promotion, a charity fundraiser, a holiday event or live music. No matter which kind of activity you are going to host, the custom event wristbands would benefit your promotion. And it will bring you more advertising opportunities to highlight your brand.
There is no doubt that we only take bars & clubs as an example. We can use promotional wristbands in different places. Almost all activities can use custom logo wristbands for promotions. Such as sporting activities, company events, resorts and music festivals.

The custom event wristbands are unique gifts for your customers. There is the brand logo of your business on these advertising wristbands. Your customers will remember your company easily after they're wearing your promotional wristbands during the activity. If the custom event wristbands have a perfect design, they would be the mini billboards for a long time. Because a lot of people would wear your promotional wristbands as souvenirs. Your advertisement would show everywhere in their lives. What’s more, these people would share the experience of this activity with their friends, and it will attract more people to participate in your activity in the future.

“There are so many styles of custom event wristbands I can choose. I have no idea how to decide.” We are the professional custom silicone wristband manufacturer. Here are some recommendations for you.
1. Debossed Wristband

There are some options we provide to choose from the custom debossed wristband, such as width, color and allow you to add your unique messaging and brand. This kind of promotional wristbands is suitable for indoor activities. Because it would be trouble to read the text on the wristband with logos under the sunshine. Therefore, it is perfect for some indoor activities, such as the exhibitions and the vocal concerts. It would not lower audiences’ attention to the activity because of its rich colors, and it can also show the theme of activity to audiences.

2. Embossed Wristband

As the same as the debossed wristband, this kind of advertising wristbands is suitable for indoor activities. When we are participating at a party or disco, the custom event wristbands with the same color would make the scene boring. And the LIVE DJ would be crazy about that. However, the wristband design could be customized with more than one color.

3. Debossed Color Filled Wristband

This kind of custom event wristbands are different from Debossed Wristband. You can decide the color of the text on the promotional wristbands. So that you can use them in outdoor activities. No matter how dazzling the sunshine it is, we could read the text easily. What’s more, the wonderful color matching would catch more attention from the audiences.

4. Embossed Printed Wristband

This kind of advertising wristbands are suitable for outdoor activities, too. Because we use embossed technology to make the text show in third dimension. And you can decide the color of the text. It would make the promotional wristbands have better impressions and tactile impressions.

5. Printed Wristband

The printed silicone wristbands are used in both activities indoor or outdoor. But it could not be worn for years. Or not the color of texts would fall off and the text would disappear. Normally, we would use it at parties, wedding ceremonies and sports meetings, which are given participants as trinkets.

6. Figured Wristband

If you are going to host a huge activity or a product launch, we advise you to choose the Figured Wristband. Because these kinds of promotional wristbands can be designed with deformation, you can design it plying-up to your logo. That will highlight the theme of your activity. 
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