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 Said No To Virus By Custom Souvenirs

- Welcome 2021 With Social Distancing

There were a lot of memorable things that happened in 2020. The following topics were popular on the internet: "What’s your deepest impression of 2020?" and "Which word would you use to describe 2020?". Many people were expressing their attitudes towards 2020. Most of them would use negative words to describe 2020. Seems like most of us are thinking that everything will get better when 2020 is the past. We are all hoping that misfortune will stop following us in 2021. Why don’t we use custom souvenirs to welcome the common lives in 2021?

Goodbye 2020! Welcome 2021!

When we are facing the threat of virus, we are afraid of being infected. We know the fragility of life when our families or friends pass away. In 2020, we have a lot of experience we never had. With the influence of the pandemic, some companies are not able to run as usual, and a lot of people lose their jobs. To slow down the spread of infection, some countries adopted the "Stay At Home" policy. People have a different emotion of staying at home, and people cherish the opportunities of having social communication with others. To make sure the company can run as normal, some companies were asking their employees to finish their jobs through the internet at home. So that the employees can keep their jobs and get their salaries as usual. Because of the threat from the virus, almost all schools were stopping offline lessons. Teachers were experiencing live online instruction. Teachers and students were learning a lot from it.

In the United Kingdom, the NHS and medical workers are working hard to save people’s lives from viruses. People were designing some thank you souvenirs for NHS and medical workers, so that they could feel people’s gratitude. To promote the concept of social distance in the US and UK, there were some organizations designing social distancing wristbands, social distancing button and social distancing lanyard for the public. They gifted these custom souvenirs to the public when they were calling upon people to keep social distance. A lot of supermarkets and large business premises were limiting the attendance, so that they could follow the requirements from the local government and CDC. What’s more, these companies would gift personalized silicone wristbands and personalized button pins to the participants. These custom souvenirs are designed with the tips of staying healthy and the brand logo of the companies.

These little custom souvenirs are not only used to teach the public about how to protect themselves during pandemic, they also promote the brand of companies. It is more obvious in the events. No matter what this war will happen between humans and viruses, our lives have to keep going on. The wedding has been planned for a long time, golden wedding celebration and birth of a baby, etc. These are all the dates and ceremonies we don’t want to miss. If the situation of infection is under control and the local government allows you to hold the family events, why not go ahead as planned. To protect the health of you and your guests at your events, you should use a part of the budget to order custom souvenirs. Utilize them to remind your guests to keep social distance with others in your events.

Social Distancing Souvenirs

To combine with the theme of your activity, you can design some personalized wristbands for events. My manager said that "I hope you can design a wristband with the theme of love for my wedding. And when my guests see it, they will think of keeping a social distance", "I will be happy to see them in my wedding celebration, and I will be very happy if they can be protected from the virus". If you use the billboard with the "Keep Social Distance" warning, you would blow this sweet wedding ceremony. But the little social distancing wristbands and social distancing button not only can make it better, but also remind your guests how to protect themselves.

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The 2020 will be the past, our lives will keep going. Let’s use custom souvenirs to raise people’s awareness of keeping social distance in 2021. Utilize the personalized wristbands for events to warn participants not to have body contact with others. We should call upon people to stop the virus together.



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